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what people say about us

Project Description: Ocean front new construction home. 10,000 Sq Ft.
Complete exterior and interior design.
Project Price: $100,000-$300,000
I We had previously worked a number of years ago with Valerie and the team from Anastasia Design Group and had a great experience in decorating several ocean side second home condos. We subsequently decided to build a large permanent home on the ocean and immediately thought of enlisting ADG to assist us with this enormous task. We did not truly appreciate, until this experience, the depth and breadth of Valerie and her team. From the beginning of development and review of house plans, to the smallest detail final touches of a desk set, ADG mentored us in putting together from start to finish a true “dream” home which is second to none. The attitude of “we do whatever it takes”, helped us to endure the long journey, and to have an opportunity ever day to be reminded of their significant talent, tireless effort, attention to detail, and most of all a positive professional attitude regardless of the situation. I trust that ADG will share some pictures of the final result, as it is truly spectacular and a testimonial to their talent.


Project Description: Oceanfront home renovation to include specifications for a complete
interior remodel and complete interior decoration
Project Price: $50,000-$100,000
I renovated my beach house (long distance) and I could not have completed this by myself due to time constraints and distance. Everyone I worked with was very professional. courteous, dependable and kept me informed. I laid out what I liked, colors, style and provided cost parameters. My home is awesome, glamorous, well-coordinated with the exact style and colors I liked, could not be more happy and all done at a reasonable cost. A must have Group for long distance work!!! Very much recommend these folks for small to very large projects.

Project Description: Oceanfront condominium remodel to include new interior finishes
and complete interior decoration
Project Price: $50,000-$75,000
Valerie did a magnificent job decorating our 2nd home. Because our primary residence is in NY, we could not be there to oversee any of the design or execution but, since we've worked with Valerie in the past, we knew the project was in her capable hands. We arrived after it had all been done and were thrilled with everything she did. Valerie is creative, reliable, and budget-conscious. I highly recommend her.

Project Description: Bay front new construction specifications for 9,000 sq. ft. home to include
additional furniture and accessorizing
Project Price: $25,000-$50,000
My experience with ADG has been excellent and I would highly recommend them. They have been attentive to requests, very prompt with follow-through, honest and professional. I have not felt rushed to make decisions and feel that they are well worth hiring to do a quality and artistic job. They are very open to our personal style and add dimension and expertise to make the overall project unified. Our home is still in the process of being completed and we are confident with the lead that Valerie has taken to make it a special home. She is extremely talented.

Project Description: Oceanfront new construction specifications for 5,000 sq. ft. home and
complete interior decoration
Project Price: more than $100,000
My husband and I built a beautiful house on the beach after working for a year and a half with an architect to finalize all architectural elements. (We lived 2,000 miles away from this home Valerie helped us with which meant added challenges that she handled brilliantly.) Our builder gave us Valerie's number and little did she know, but she and Andrea would be a large part of our lives for nearly two years. 

Valerie was patient, professional and possesses a unique eye. Our first sit down meeting to get down to the nitty gritty of our home came with me showing up with over one foot high of folders filled with design ideas pulled from magazines, design books, and pictures of "looks" we wanted for each room and our outdoor spaces. 

Valerie took those one-dimensional ideas and helped us create the whole house look. We even went to Turkey somewhere in the process and purchased a large Turkish rug (unbeknownst to Valerie until I sent her pictures). This rug had to become the centerpiece of the great room, which she helped us turn into a gorgeous, yet comfortable gathering spot for family and friends. 

Before we met Valerie, we didn't intend to use Valerie's services for everything, but because she listened to us, and we realized our tastes meshed, she had a hand in every room of our 15 room house. She even went to the plumbing supply house with us to help pick out toilets, sinks, faucets and bathtubs. Otherwise we would have been totally lost. Never was our house plans far from her side when talking with us. Andrea is also a valuable asset in keeping all of us on track and searching endlessly for items we couldn't find in person. Now that's service! 

Valerie also has forged excellent relationships with key partners in the house building process like the plumbing supply house, lighting suppliers, the builders' subcontractors, etc., and tolerated my quest for a special piece of granite I "had to have" for a kitchen island, which I'm proud to say we found and has become a great talking point when showing people the house. 

Valerie also helped incorporate some fairly strong ideas my husband and I had about certain rooms and outdoor spaces. She even incorporated some of our own beloved artwork that had either been in storage, or in our Denver house, and worked it into the already finalized color schemes throughout the house. 

Many of our neighbors, plus lots of family and friends have been to our house and all they can say is WOW!! And, this is fantastic! We couldn't be happier! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Valerie to anyone from just a one room make-over or a whole house project like she did for us. We will eventually happily retire in this home.